Our Program

We have taken a lot of time in creating a specifically designed program that works for what we want to achieve within our day care centre. Our program aligns with the Early Years Learning Framework, and is characterised by being, belonging and becoming. Our program is also designed to be put online, which is more sustainable and our families give us fantastic feedback on how our program online helps them feel like they are a part of our centre. Our Program operates from the minute we open till the time we close.

Little Munchkins Early Learning Centre is child focused, and we lead off of their interests. We scaffold on the day so that the children reach their potential as soon as possible. We record where the children are at in their development. We have incorporated many theorist into our program, some are more predominant then others. We pride ourselves in the program that we deliver, all educators within our service have contributed to perfecting our program. We are constantly improving our practices and quality of the documentation that we deliver, there still may be some tweaking in our program, these are from our reflections when we want to provide the best possible quality care to the children in our centre.

Our Philosophy


Within our Centre, we want the community to feel welcomed and relaxed when in our service. Our service will provide real world experiences for all who are at our service. We strive to have positive relationships with our community partnerships. We aim to have strong working links within our local community. We want our children to be a part of our community and to be able to explore their surroundings. 


We recognise that everyone has a unique and individual cultural background we want to help everyone’s culture grow while they are with us. We accept that everyone has different beliefs and values and try to extend and grow on these as this is what helps from children’s individuality. We aim to have our culture that has a homely feel to it. We want to recognise, appreciate and learn from our local traditional custodians being the Gubbi Gubbi people. We aim to explore our lateral environments within our local community.


We want our environment to reflect our family’s beliefs and work together in a mutual, respectful partnership to ensure that the children’s best interests are being met we want to make our Centre feel safe so that families feel confident in talking to us in an open and honest atmosphere.


Our educators will all be motivated and will ensure that each child’s best interests are being met at all times. Our educators will ensure that they are engaged in the children’s learning and will scaffold the children’s learning through intentional teaching and spontaneous activities. Our educators will further develop their skills and knowledge through further training and professional development whilst having their needs and rights recognised and supported. We understand that all of our educators have their own personal strengths, we will work to our educator’s strengths whilst attempting to improve on their weaknesses all educators will have access to an ongoing commitment to professional development. We are committed to inspiring our team through leadership meetings. Our educators will all be approachable, friendly and reliable, with the children being their highest priority. Everyone grows up with a different culture, we aim to bring as much of these cultures into the Centre as possible.


We want to acknowledge and embrace every child’s uniqueness. We want to create an environment that meets the children’s individual needs and interests, while extending on these we want to challenge them to try new things while feeling independent and confident. We want to create an environment that allows the children to engage in holistic learning experiences. We want to provide an environment where the children feel safe and secure while being able to challenge themselves on appropriate risk taking. Our environment will be structured so that all children have access to self-selection activities which help enhance their development including their spiritual wellbeing. We want to design an environment that look fun and exciting so that the children can expand on their imaginations.


Our environment will show that we are respecting the land of which we are on, in all aspects of being sustainable. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint so that when our children grow up they will understand the importance of the actions that we taught them whilst in our care. Our Centre sees the importance in teaching our children to recycle and up cycle.  We think it is important that everyone within our Centre is environmentally and sustainably aware and conscious of what we are doing to our environment.


Our curriculum is child focused and is based around the children’s interests. We ensure that we are offering activities that all of the children can partake in. Our curriculum is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework, and being becoming and belonging. We expect input from families so that we can structure our learning around what is important in the child’s life. We ensure that the children are seen out in community as our next generation of leaders. We encourage nature play and allowing the children to take structured risks. Through our curriculum we teach the children about the importance of taking care of their bodies, this includes child protection and healthy eating. Our Environment in indoor outdoor so that the children can choose what they would like to do at any time. We work together with the families to ensure that we are meeting their child’s needs and the families expectations of the Centre.