3 years to 5 years

Welcome to the Seahorse Room, the room leader in this room is Miss Mel. Miss Mel is a Qualified Early Childhood Teacher and holds her Bachelor of Early Education and Teaching .  The ratio for this room is 1 Educator for 11 Children aged 3 - 5 years old.

In the Seahorse room we are developing the necessary skills, and independence to get your children ready to go to big school.  Our Curriculum is developed in accordance with the Early Years Learning Framework and is constructed around play based learning.  We take your child’s interests, needs and strengths and extend on these to develop them into learning opportunities for the whole group, through these learning experiences we can incorporate literacy, numeracy, science, music, movement, cultural and environmental development.  We feel the most important skill to have before going to school is social, emotional and independence skills and focus on this through different large and small group experiences, and encouragement, help and guidance from their educators.

We have a big emphasis on sustainability at our childcare centre and foster this in the room through encouraging children to recycle their containers, feed their scraps to the worms and chooks, tend to our herb and vegie gardens and look after the numerous pet Gecko, Frogs, Fish, Native Bees, Turtle and Chooks that we have throughout the centre.  We have our own courtyard outside our room where we can do activities, have art and craft and look after our own native garden.

We also take part in the QLD Nature Play initiative and have our own nature play missions to complete to assist with our outdoor play experiences, through this we take part in regular excursions to participate in exploration experiences and gets us all out into our local community!